In order to be established into a growing and exciting community, the World Wide Republic must have a set of values, objectives and cultural items that become both the reason for its existence and the engine propelling the spirt of cooperation required for it to be a success.

Since an identity cannot be built artificially, but it can be expected that one will be developed during the execution of the community’s projects, there is for now nothing binding the group of people joining the effort but a strong desire to participate in the construction of the foundations for a better society. This desire alone is enough of a cohesion principle for this initiative to begin and grow, but some other elements can be added in the immediate future that will strenghten and empower the community.

It is safe to assume that some technical standards will have to be set up in the early stages of the different projects, and that a frame of norms and policies will eventually be put in place. Other decisions that will be made sooner than not, regarding the currency that is to be used for internal commerce, the official language, and the form of identification, are bound to further shape and unify the community.

In the mean time, a few minor decisions regarding the image, motto, and other such ways of portraying an identity can be made and put in place, helping with the experience of an active, self-defined, and vibrant society.