Many of the modern world’s most pressing issues have been poorly addressed by a timorous political class that has too many strings attached to it. Electing a few influenciable, falliable individuals to decide upon the fate of our society is a practice that needs to be revised.

Thankfully, technology alllows for a more immediate and logistically simple participation of the general population in the State’s decision making. Although there are some technical considerations to take into account when designing the voting platforms that would allow citizens to express themselves through suffrage, it isn’t hard to imagine how a convenient process could be put in place in order for them to actually decide upon both significant and trivial matters rather than having to trust their representatives to truly pursuit their interests.

With such a platform in place, a real democracy, one in which the people truly govern themselves, needing public institutions only to execute what they demand them to do, could be put in place. There are, of course, numerous details to discuss in order for such an apparatus to be functional and responsive enough. There is also the need to consider whether all decisions should be open to the entire population to make, whether expert votes should be pondered differently, or even if there should be some sort of guild system by which groups of certain expertise areas have internal voting processes and cast a single vote on a given matter.

The construction of this novel form of government will certainly present a large array of exciting challenges, and luckily, there is no need to replace or overthrow any of the existing soverign States. The World Wide Republic is intended to be an online community which will develop a number of services for its members that run paralel to those provided by each of their governments. In the creation and administration of said services, there will exist the chance to experiment with the Direct Democracy model, since the community itself will be deciding upon each and every aspect of its future.

Once there exists enough experience within the community, the spirit and the better practices achived by this model should be promoted among all democratic nations for the enhancement of their political lives.