The cornerstone of the World Wide Republic is the belief that our society will function better if we can establish a large community that is willing to build the public services required by its population, rather than giving this task to a handful of elected individuals, and/or private enterprises. Modern technology allows us to participate at a much personal level in the construction of our societal system, and there is no reason for us to detach ourselves from that task. There are essentially four main topics that require a thorough reenginnering and that can be tackled by a well organized online community: democracy, free markets, technology and social integration.

The present aspiration of the World Wide Republic as an institution is to construct a large and thorough experience in applying the principle of massive collaboration through technological platforms in the development and administration of a variety of services made available to its members. In time, the community can become a political reference for democratic governments and private enterprises to copy.

Evidently, this experience will only be possible if numerous people agree to donate their time and resources to build it. Hopefully, the enormous ambitions of this project, which is poised to be a pivotal movement in the socioeconomical history of our now global society, will be enough to attract all of those dreamers out there willing to put their grain of sand in the creation of a better world.