Core Topics – Uncompromised Online Services

Is it desirable to have community developed online services? Would there be innovation in online services without the incentive of private ownership? Can data be stored safely if there is an open developer community? Will people migrate from the services they currently use in exchange for a less commercial and more private experience?

Core Topics – Free Open Markets

In which ways do you find our current exchange spaces to be imperfect? Are community owned markets viable? What are the main things to address in order for them to work? How can open markets exist in the current global commerce environment? How can they be regulated without compromising their open nature?

Core Topics – Direct Democracy

Do you believe having people vote on every aspect of their government’s actions is viable? Which topics would you leave out of a voting process? Should there be specific groups that vote for specific matters? Should those groups be defined geographically, demographically, or professionaly? What functions would the government retain in a direct democracy? How should the platform that allows for direct democracy work?