In order to describe in more detail the present vision of the reach and objectives to be attained by the World Wide Republic, a tentative Action Plan is presented here divided in three main phases and a preliminar stage. Due to the democratic and collaborative nature of the project, everything found in this proposal is subject to be discussed and changed. A time frame is not provided, since the speed at which the project advances will be greatly dependent on how big and commited the community comes to be.

Preliminary Phase: Propagation

The key to the success of the World Wide Republic lays in the number of people that gradually join the project and contribue to it with their time, knowledge, and resources. The initial launch of the project will be announced merely in a few popular online platforms, but everybody can make their first big contribution to it by letting as much people as possible know about its existence. In the prelimary phase of the project all of the work to be done will be voluntary, although it may be rewarded further ahead.

Designing a visual identity: Giving the project its own palette of colors, fonts, and other visual elements that will make it easily recognizable to the general audience is a seemingly trivial step, but one that may greatly aid with the communication process that is to be key in all stages of it, and specially in the inital one. Additionally, the design and selection of the identity will be a fun and engaging starter activity for the community.

Redesigning the website: Being the foremost presentation card of this project, the website must be enhanced to a more modern, interactive and visually appealing version of the one currently being used. Discussions will be held in order to determine what the best options to propose ideas would be, how is an idea to be selected, and how will the implementation of the new website will be conducted.

Creating audiovisual explanatory material: Even though the core ideas behind the World Wide Nation have been described quite succintly in this website, audiovisual material is always a more immediate way to convey thoughts; with that in mind, it would seem appropriate to create a series of short videos that display the principles behind the World Wide Republic in a simple fashion to add them to the site and spread them through other media.

Phase 1: Creation of the Essential Platforms

After a numerous and active enough community has been built, the World Wide Republic shall enter Phase One of its existence. During this phase a fund raising campaign will be held in order to acquire the technical capabilites required by its essential platforms, and to remunerate the members that contribute to their creation. It should be decided by this point if a technical team is to be permanently hired to oversee the development of the platforms.

Registry of members: As people join the World Wide Republic, it will be important to assign user credentials for them to participate both in the creation of services, and in the voting processes that will define everything about this community. Event though there is a mean to subscribe to the project during the preliminary phase, a more robust and independent tool should be created for the future. The ammount and quality of the information required from each member will be decided by the community

Discussion spaces: Just as with the registry of members, even though the website of the project itself, as well as other existing discussion spaces, are to be used in order to host the conversations regarding the future of the community, a better and exclusive platform should be put in place in the first phase of the project.

Voting platform: After a thorough discussion regarding how the voting process should be handled for every type of decision the community is to make in the future, a voting platform shall be promptly designed and put to use to further enhance the experience of decision making as a group.

Co-creation platform: Possibly the heart of the second phase of the project, the co-creation platform will be a tool that facilitates the collaboration of large amounts of people in order to develop software for the community. Said collaboration should be well-organized, capable of allowing for the selection of the best solutions proposed, and of recognizing who are the proponents of the code that ends up being used.

Norms and internal structure: Once the voting platform has been fully implemented, or perhaps even before that, if the need seems to be pressing, the internal norms and structure of the community will be defined and put in place out of common agreement.

Phase 2: Creation of General Online Services

By this point, the World Wide Republic should already count with a vibrant and enthusiastic community, and a tool set that allows for a rapid and exciting expansion. It will be in this stage of the project that an array of services that are useful for everybody should be developed, and some of the decisions that will further define the community shall be made. A new fund raising campaign shall be launched to gather resources that will pay both for the infrastructure and the work needed to put this services in place.

Open Online Market: One of the main premises of the World Wide Republic is that free  and common exchange spaces must exist in order for capitalism to actually display its virtues. The creation of an unbiased and almost free of charge online market will allow the members of the community to begin interacting economically with one another while enjoying a marketing-free buying experience.

Other Online Services: As the community defines its priorities, the developers within it will create the array of online services that its members require more promptly. This may include everything from search engines, social networks, email services, cloud storage, streaming platforms, and so on. The economical viability of each of the projects will be evaluated one at a time, but removing several of the costs that private entreprises offering these services incur in, will certainly make for cheaper maintenance costs.

Language and currency: As the community expands and becomes a more important presence in the lives of its members, some decisions regarding its long-term aspirations will need to be made. Namely, the language and currency with which its communications and commerce shall be conducted. If the decision drives the project away from English and US Dollars, there shall be a need for a planned transition.

Phase 3: Global Impact

As the World Wide Republic becomes an important harbor of commerce, discussion, and social activity, it will gather enough leverage to have an impact on decision making across the globe, and it will serve as an example of how positive a more inclusive way of making government and economy can be for a community. By this phase, the project should have found a way to be financially self sustainable. Additionally, it should already have a clear agenda of how to tackle the most pressing global issues.

Self-sufficient economy: The productive activity generated by the development of software, creation of content, commerce, and any other initiatives that the community may undertake, should have, by this stage, created an economical environment capable of sustaining itself. The creation of financial institutions, organized production of goods, and a well-established interaction with the rest of the global economy are to be evaluated at this point.

Implementation of an occupational-educational system: While the community’s economical system becomes more complex, specific skills and functions will be required of its members. To further develop the social construction, an educational platform through which said skills are to be acquired, and a log that allows for the rest of the community to know who posseses which skills, should be put in place in order to make for a more productive environment.

Acquisition of infrastructure: Several of the costs that the project will have to deal with shall comme from the payment of the technological infrastructure needed to offer its many services. The dependence on third parties to be able to offer said services isn’t ideal, so by this point it might be the best practice to acquire the servers and some of the  other hardware elements needed.

Political Presence: As the World Wide Republic becomes a larger and better organized community, its objectives and vision should be shared with the established political instutions, and pursued within them through the existing processes. The core ideas of a more open and collaborative society are already present in most democratic nations, and this social experience will teach every one of us a good deal about which mechanisms allow for better interpersonal dynamics.