Core Topics – Direct Democracy

Do you believe having people vote on every aspect of their government’s actions is viable? Which topics would you leave out of a voting process? Should there be specific groups that vote for specific matters? Should those groups be defined geographically, demographically, or professionaly? What functions would the government retain in a direct democracy? How should the platform that allows for direct democracy work?

2 thoughts on “Core Topics – Direct Democracy

  1. I have a question for this part;
    How do you structurally reconcile Direct Democracy as “The Wisdom of Crowds” vs “Rule by the Mob” as they are inseparably two sides of the same coin?


  2. Much like any other system of government, there are of course risks involved in adopting a given power structure; the mechanism I think would work the best to avoid mob behavior in the community would be to distribute the voting power in groups segmented by abilities or knowledge. That way, if you are a computer scientist, your vote gets more weight in issues regarding IT infrastructure, while if you are an economist, your vote gets more weight in issues regarding how to handle the internal currency, for example. This could get as sofisticated as needed, limiting some decisions to be made only by certain groups.


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